About Render Health

Facilitating the transition of healthcare management processes in Africa to the digital age

Render Health aims to be at the forefront of transitioning healthcare
operations in emerging markets to the digital age. With our methods &
their infrastructure, no matter how limiting, Render Health guarantees a
seamless transition.


Our leaders

CEO & Founder

Babajide Oke

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Babajide Oke

Babajide Oke is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Render Health Ltd. Jide Founded Render Health to break through the biggest barrier to Africa’s Health record and management for facilities and patients to provide higher quality, enhanced, affordable and efficient service to patients. Jide has worked in the Biotech industry for over 5 years analyzing Patient Health Data and their correlation with different diseases with focus on Oncology and Infectious Diseases. Jide has a background in Computer Science and Biology from Kennesaw State University.


Adeyemi Pitan

Chief Financial Officer

Adeyemi Pitan

Adeyemi Pitan serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Render Health Ltd. Yemi has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting with 7+ years working as a senior accountant across various industries. With a background in mergers and acquisitions and working with small to medium sized companies, Yemi uses his experience to help build the financial and accounting structure for Render Health.


Olatide Omojaro

Chief Technology Officer

Olatide Omojaro

Olatide Omojaro serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Render Health Ltd., overseeing the technological innovations in products and services. Tide is a Computer Engineering doctoral candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology and has an academic and professional career that footholds his experience in the fields of robotics and design of intelligent machines, while working as a specialized software engineer with various fortune 100 companies like Siemens and Intel Corporations. Tide is an avid entrepreneur with a keen interest in using cutting edge technologies to tackle real world day-to-day problems, and works tirelessly to ensure utmost simplicity for an all round customer’s experience with Render Health and its technologies.


John Shoboiki

Chief Marketing Officer

John Shoboiki

John Shoboiki serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for Render Health Ltd., overseeing revenue generation, marketing generated sales, campaigns, brand marketing, effective marketing communications, social media marketing, and public relations. John has 10+ years working in marketing and technology across various industries. John uses his extensive knowledge of industry, marketing strategies and storytelling to accelerate and provide visibility to a technology leading healthcare system.

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