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What we Provide

Easy to organize

Manage all health related activity on one platform.

Easy to connect

Connect with your Hospital & HMO.

Device supported

Accesible anywhere on Desktop or Mobile.


How It All Works

Begin the journey to managing your health and living a healthy and conscious lifestyle.


Find and book appointments with doctors in your area after getting information on their services. Easy and automated appointment confirmation and reminder via Email and SMS.

Video Consultation

Get fast and convenient video consultation with highly trained doctors, safe diagnosis from the comfort of your home, anywhere and anytime! Register now and start talking with a doctor or specialist within minutes, through our mobile app or web platform.

Health Records

Gain access and take charge of your personal health journey through our EMR platform. Our robust EMR platform provides you lab results, diagnosis, prescriptions and much more.

Health Diary

Your personal health diary is how you keep track of any health-related issues. Our health diary consist of rich interface where you can login your symptoms, write notes, attach images, expressions, medications and much more.


Achieve faster and accurate financial reporting with our integrated billing system. View and pay medical bills from the comfort of your home.


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